Work with us and get several benefits from doing what you like.


The most important resource of bluePi is our people. One of the benefits you will have is “Remote Working” which will enable you to work anywhere you want, either at your house or at a fancy coffee shop!


bluePi also allows you to manage your own working time with your own “Flexible Hours” Going to work at 9 and finish at 6? Forget about that !!


Besides, we give importance to continual learning and development. We have our funds to support your progress and talent together with several technological tools at work. We will always be of support and make sure you can perform most efficiently.

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Join the company that gathers people of a new generation, of great passion, and of progressive thinking!

Here is the gathering of people of the new generation. These people are not only the progressive thinkers but also the thinkers of action who prove that inspiration is realizable through the products and services.


If you think working is something more than a daily waiting for the shift to end while you are still full of passion, we think this place is very right for you.

We bring smart people together to create an amazing phenomenon.

bluePi gathers thinkers and creators to continually develop our products and procedures for the utmost satisfaction of our customers or our product users.

Each innovation is the result of these people’s inspiration and collaboration to create products of good quality.

Here, we also learn from one another because we are certain that learning from the best things can occur from learning with the best people inside

“How exciting will it be when talented people come together to create amazing things? And as always, bluePi will accept who you are and what you want to be”

* No matter what your lifestyle is, in bluePi we will give special remuneration according to each individual’s lifestyle. For example, if you are a traveler, then you will get a free plane ticket. If you are a gym-goer, then we will register you at a fitness club.


bluePi equally gives opportunities to everyone, without any discrimination or bias. We respect everyone’s differences, no matter who you are. We assure that everyone will have the same right to opportunities without any discrimination of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or disability.


bluePi will not discriminate or dispute with any candidates who inquire about their wages as well as about other candidates’ wages.


In case of hiring, bluePi will examine the criminal record of all qualified candidates. This will abide by the laws according to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.


bluePi participates in the Job Verifying Program (E-Verify) with some places ordered by the laws.


bluePi ratifies to cooperate and facilitate candidates who are of mental and physical disability. At all events, bluePi is the area free of alcohol and drugs of all kinds.